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miguel a garcía "armiarmak" - first cd out

miguel a. garcía "armiarmak", out at RMO-Open

After a long trajectory editing in small independent cdr labels and netlabels, "Armiarmak", his first cd, marks a new debut for the musician from the Basque Country. A compilation of tunes almost exclusively composed from sounds obtained by a mixer used as an instrument, without any kind of additions but a pair of microphones connected to this one, which register its "human activity", and the sinewaves extracted from a simple oscillator. Other tracks, like "Acuphenos" (demonstrated as one of his oldest compositions) or "Itapoa", a collaboration with the musician Rafael Flores, gather the interrelation with another type of tones more traditionally musical. The two parts (or sides) of the album follow the interest of generating independent compositive macrostructures that'd tack the long play of a complex work in its variety and microsonic details.

DISTRIBUTION: ARTO ARTIAN ( www.artoartian.org )

new netlabel created: doministiku

New netlabel created, focused in experimental electronics, pop music and other derivations.

Web: www.xedh.org/doministiku

logo by raul dominguez

no live at Getxo Arte

NO (Carlos Valverde, Oier I.a. & Miguel A. García) will perform live at Getxo Arte

8-12-08 after 6PM, Getxo Arte (Plaza Estación de Las Arenas, Getxo)

ramon churruca´s rock band live at mem 2008

Ramon Churruca´s rock band will perform live at the MEM 2008 festival,
The band includes Miguel A. García at electronics
Also performing this night SIGNAL & FERNALIA

22-11-08 at Fever (polígono industrial Santa Ana, Bolueta. Bilbao), after 8PM

xedh at zanstones 40x40 2.0

ZANSTONES 40X40 2.0 OUT NOW ON ZH27 (www.zh27.org)
Alozeau [es] äNACRUSä [es] Bodycocktail [ky] Don Campau [ca] Ken Clinger [pa] Dino DiMuro [ca] DJet [ru] Eloine [ia] The Empath [de] Gintas K [lt] The Haters [ca] Clemens Hausch [at] Mike Jackson [nc]M. Nomized [fr] MockArt [de] Chris Phinney [tn] Sauer Kreuz Feuer [uk] Strom Noir [sk] Subido [fr] Szbutä Soröh [br] That Crooner From Nowhere [es] ThrouRoof [it] Wilson Tsang [hk] Tzesne [es] Ultra Milkmaids [fr] Unitauf [gr] Leo Alves Vieira [br] Violet [dc] Xedh [es]


miguel a. garcía & baseline live at bullit groove club - 31-10-08

31-10-08 after 9pm Miguel A. García & Baseline, Bullit Groove Club ( Dos de Mayo 3. Bilbao )

xedh collaboration at gora japon´s debut album

Gora japon-en lehen diskoa Azaroak 1etik aurrera salgai. Bidehuts zigiluak kaleratuko du.Grabaketa tolosako bonberenea estudioan egin zen Karlos Osinaga, Txap-en eskutik. - Primer disco de Gora Japon a la venta a partir del 1 de Noviembre. La grabación fue a cargo de Karlos Osinaga, en el estudio Bonberenea de Tolosa, y se publicará con el sello Bidehuts. Hemos contado con la colaboración del músico electrónico Xedh.
link: http://gorajapon.blogspot.com/

track at NNTS04 : The best of NTNS radio


xedh live at ertz festival 2008 (bera), 13.09.08

13/09/2008 | kultur etxea, BERA
20:00 / Live:

+information: http://www.ertza.net/eng/fes2008.html

zeromoon [zero94] soinuaren historia naturalaren museoa . gauez pasatzen diren barkuentzako musika

[bleak11] larraskitun zetangauz . bokadiluejandajunbilikozangarizen

bleak netlabel
[bleak 11] larraskitun zetangauz are a basque improvisation project, who meet to create unpredictable sound sculptures.
edited and produced by edorta izarzugaza, 2008.
on this album, larraskitun zetangauz were: miguel a. garcía, enrike hurtado, oier iruretagoiena & edorta izarzugaza


xedh & joaquin lana live at df gallery (santiago de compostela), 23.07.08

23.07.08, 20:00 PM

xedh & joaquin lana

place: df art gallery (rua de san pedro 11, baixo 15704, santiago de compostela, galicia)


xedh live at macuf museum (a coruña), 22.07.08

during the "ArtEx sonora" festival
22.07.08 - 20:30
place: MACUF (avenida de arteixo 171, (a grela-bens) 15007 a coruña)

+ information

larraskitun zetangauz live at lmono (bilbao), 19.07.08

19-07-08, after 10pm at l´mono (andres isasi 8, 2ºD bilbao): larraskitun zetangauz + sims + kakofunk + bis agras 2.0. + one man nation


xedh & tüsüri live at chillida-leku museum, 13-07-08

13-07-08, from 11:00 to 14:00, xedh & tüsüri performing live at chillida-leku museum (bº jáuregui, 66 20120 hernani, gipuzkoa)
+ information


zarata fest 2008 > days 28 and 30 - 06 - 08

New edition of ZARATA FEST, this year including: Bjerga/Iversen, Staplerfahrer, Ramon Churruca, Sightings & many more
Organized by LARRASKITO

days 28 and 30 - 06 - 08 after 8PM at L´mono (Andres Isasi 8 2ºD, Bilbao )

+info: www.xedh.org/zaratafest

xedh at tecnonucleo [TN007] vvaa intensities ((re)re)visitada

palustre limo027 " soinuaren historia naturalaren museoa - 1 "

stuff from Rinus van Alebeek, Xedh, Tusuri, recorded in Bilbao and Carrabateu
30 copies x cdr with hand-painted ejector


xedh "katabolê", new album at krakilsk

krakilsk#kra37 xedh . katabolê
cdr edition

1. ephyka fatalum - 2. kolavkst, dos - 3. ode - 4. im - 5. the sun - 6. flowering limb - 7. flowering limb. rmx by noi

music by miguel a garcía
remix at 7 by jorge ortiz de pinedo
artwork by raul dominguez

new collaborative ep online at proc-rec. "xedh & izarzugaza - zuhaitzpean"

no "pre" (live at upv 15-05-08) free downloadable at desetxea netlabel

desetxo 166 - NO "pre" (live at upv 15-05-08)
download (.ogg) part1 part2

no "you are special" ep downloadable at smell the stench netlabel

smell the stench net n. 289 - NO "you are special"
download .mp3 .flac