miguel a. garcía "subsuelos" out now at trans>parent radiation

[TRANS011] Miguel A. García | Subsuelos
Net Release Date - May 2008
Codecs: mp3 [320kbs], FLAC [lossless]

1- unnter [11MB]|[17.8MB]
2- k.a.l.k.o. [27.4MB]|[58.7MB]
3- lii [16.4MB]|[26.7MB]
4- cut [6.7MB]|[14.2MB]
5- lufted/od [19.4MB]|[47.8MB]
6- unntertunlne [21.7MB]|[34.5MB]
7- ipurtargik [5MB]|[9.6MB]

trans>parent radiation [trans011]


"mubles" debut album out at "le brutal"

Mubles is a project by Terri Florido, Miguel A. García, Alvaro Matilla & Carlos Valverde.
You can buy their limited edition, self-titled debut album at Le Brutal records.
web: www.xedh.org/mubles


"no" live at UPV BBAA, Leioa

After 11:30, NO (Carlos Valverde & Miguel A. García) at UPV BBAA, Leioa, 13-05-08


xedh + flutwacht + tzesne+paralux live at matadeixe (azkoitia)

flutwacht + tzesne+paralux + xedh
3-5-8 10:30pm Matadeixe (Azkoitia)

"la orquesta del caballo ganador" with xedh & joseba irazoki as guests

la orquesta del caballo ganador (zä & negro) with joseba irazoki & xedh as special guests
1-5-08 l´mono (bilbo) 21:00