xedh & tusuri at "holly and ivy" comp. by zaftig research

Various artists: "Holly and Ivy" xmas experimental music disc, released by Zaftig Research

featuring Hrönir, Karl Bösmann, Thee Virginal Brides, Black Saturn, humanextermination project, djs, Gorgonized Dorks, Ctephin, Stolen Light, Narbenerde, Xedh & Tüsüri, Mystified, Goose


idnet 009 - izarzugaza + tüsüri + xedh - barne hotsa

(MTCAT021) bazterrak+valverde+xedh - subgravity radio hangover

collaborations at "kakofunk - frutamental" album

all tracks recorded by kakofunk and processed with gnu/linux o.s.

13 - punto de inflexion. xedh. kakofunk (live19-IV-2007)
16 - poesia nuklear. izarzugaza. tusuri. xedh. kakofunk (8-IV-2007)

"Straight from Barakaldo (a workers area in Bilbao), Kakofunk is an
eclectic artist that incarnates the most radical approach to music making.
The first time that I saw Kakofunk playing live, it made me think of the music Sachiko M would have made after spending 16 hours in a factory working hard. While listening to "Frutamental" you can feel a sense of freedom which scorns genre divisions and narrow understandings of what electronic music can be. "Frutamental" is a molotov cocktail to be thrown at all those "factories without walls"."


ca074 - bazterrak, izarzugaza, valverde, xedh - fremdsprachen

Improvised encounter with these four basque-based sound artists, opposing pure electronic sounds and fragmented plunderphonics to dark, soulful ambient sounds.
Released at CLINICAL ARCHIVES netlabel